Introduce new bot for perfect world

New features :
- Auto reply pm with smart AI, can answer different question
- Work with daily quest, primal,morai and world quest
- Lite client, safe cpu more than 40% can run on i3 haswell ddr 8gb ssd 128 60-80 toon
- Mass transfer, only with one click, all toon can send money to 1 char 
- Enable/disable auto send money when sell/repair at npc

Multibot features :

- Easy user interface.
- 1 click for start and stop all bot.
- Auto relogin.
- Auto find way if character stuck
- Manager easy for watch condition character,profit,hunt place etc.
- Support full function scripting with easy to use for beginner or pro.
- Write your own script for World Quest, Dungeon, Auto leveling and many more
- Make Venomancer 1-25 only in 4 hour, and all auto, you can stay to sleep let multibot work for you
- Interactive Map built in.
- Set farming material very easy as say 1 2 3.
- Support all job all skill all buff.
- Support hunt at water, air or ground.
- Smart detection buff character no need timer again.
- Save setting and load no need set 1 by 1 character.
- Set pickup or nonpickup all character no need set 1 by 1 character.
- Support pet for Venomancer and mystic.
- Smart detection herb for mystic.
- Auto fill merdian.
- Auto fill stat or skill
- Auto take attendance record every day
- Low use consumption CPU and Memory.

Multibot not support for pw ru and indo

We will support other PW (PW PRIVATE OR OTHER  SERVER)  Need $200 for development, guarantee work, if no work im refund your money 100%

Price promo only $10 per month

Contact me at

Skype : warnet eternal or warneteternal

Trial 3 day only :)