1. Multibot run the program for hours:minute time
2. Add new character to manager
3. Edit account character at manager
4. Erase account at manager
5. Run check/uncheck
6. Go to farm for all bot
7. Go to sell to NPC selected for all bot
8. Fill with your WID character
9. Leave money when you want transfer to other character (Press trasnfer button number 14), fill with WID other character (sorry i'm censored my wid)
10. Close/logout all client 
11. Show/hide panel option/main
12. Switch group for mass character 
13. Group panel
14. Transfer button, transfer your gold to other character
15. Command go to npc for sell selected character
16. Command go to farm selected character
17. Command go to your trader/vending cat for sell
18. Set radius
19. Pickup option 
20. Mine Option
21. Kill mobs option
22. Max time for pickup
23. Number 1-100%  for heal pet venomancer or mystic
24. Option for call function ctrl+f12 at game, me no use this
25. Control you HP character with skill or item
26. Control you MP character with skill or item
27. Buff option
28. Sell repair option
29. Buy option (buy water or potion or arrow)
30. Set NPC for sell/repair
31. Fly height after die or when sell/repair
32. Wait HP/MP full after die
33. Bot auto find other way if stuck
34. Auto close message from perfect world when appear 
35. Auto accept group when someone invite you
36. Auto send invite near you to your group
37. Auto add stat if level up (con,int,str,dex)
38. Auto add stat if level up (con,int,str,dex)
39. Auto level up skill 1-10
40. Infuse your exp to genie/pixie
41. Edit Scenario/Script
42. After your time run out, it auto change to other group